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Medical Marijuana News

We bring you groundbreaking news from the forefront, where exciting milestones are reached every day, yet the battle still rages on! Keep abreast of the latest medical cannabis-related events in Washington state and Nationwide:

Average Pot User Consumes 123 Joints per Year

Feds won't challenge new pot laws

Senator Rivers and Majority Leader Tom Sponsor MMJ Fix: SB 5887

Stoned drivers hit test course in Washington to evaluate marijuana DUI limits.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana, the new organization to oppose marijuana legalization, says: "Marijuana use is too risky a choice."

Marijuana goes legal in Washington state amid mixed messages

Voters approve I-502 legalizing marijuana

I-502 raises question about how much pot is too much for drivers

Gov. Gregoire meeting with feds over marijuana law

Recent Archives:

DEA warns some Washington pot dispensaries to shut down!
Men plead guilty in Washington's pot dispensary raids!
Three armed men rob a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle
White House To PTSD Veterans: No Medical Marijuana For You!
State may allow medical marijuana for people with Attention Deficit (ADHD).
Patients, say NO to I-502. The worst thing for patients in decades!
Gov. Gregoire petitions DEA to reclassify marijuana.
Physician's opinion: I-502 betrays medical marijuana!Effort to oppose the I-502 legalization campaign led by... medical marijuana patients?!
Authorities raid Puget Sound medical-pot shops.
Marijuana raids define a 'danger zone' for dispensaries.
US attorney: Only flagrant pot shops targeted
DEA raids: Search warrant targeted West Seattle dispensary too.
Search warrant affidavit details sweeping DEA raid of GAME Collective facilities, homes and vehicle.
Marijuana patients protest feds raids on dispensaries.
17 arrested in raids on five Thurston County pot dispensaries.
Seattle Protesters Picket After Sweeping DEA Raids on Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries.
Feds Release More Details In Pot Raids.
Feds raid 14 Washington medical pot shops.
DEA raids Washington pot dispensaries, at least 17 arrested.
Marijuana dispensaries raided in King, Pierce, Thurston counties.
DEA raids multiple Seattle-area pot dispensaries.
DEA Sweeps Across Western Washington With Dispensary Raids.
DEA Raiding Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.
DEA Executes Orchestrated Raids of Numerous Pot Dispensaries in Seattle Area.
Feds raid multiple medical marijuana dispensaries.
Marijuana dispensaries raided in King, Pierce, Thurston counties.
Cops bust five marijuana dispensaries in Thurston County.
State investigates workers who ok'd medical marijuana at Hempfest.
With few rules, pot dispensaries try policing themselves Collective Gardens, Marijuana Reform's Only Achievement, Under Attack in Three Washington Cities!
Medical-marijuana proposal abandoned; dispensaries now 'clearly illegal'.
Coops Favored in Washington.
Federal Pot Cases On the Increase!
Gregoire Vetoes Portions of Medical Marijuana Bill.

Medical Pot: Going beyond the high.

Big Brother or Little Brat? The Governor Gins Up a Federal Controversy Over Medical Pot.
Governor should ignore federal threat and sign medical-marijuana bill.
Justice Department threatens Spokane pot dispensaries.
State House OKs medical-marijuana overhaul.
Medical marijuana supplier convicted.
Federal Way says no to medical marijuana dispensaries | City denies business licenses.
Washington senators move forward with establishing more regulation on the state's medical marijuana system.
Pot dispensaries sprouting statewide.
WA debates big hanges to medical pot system.
Edmonds puts moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.
WA Senate seeks comprehensive medical marijuana reforms!
Washington Moves Closer to Collective Model.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Legal in Port Angeles, City Says.
Senate Bill 5798 Allows Non-MD Medical Practitioners to OK Medical Marijuana!
AMA Report Recognizes Medical Benefits of Marijuana, Urges Further Research.

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