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The Alternatives to Smoking

500,000 Americans die of tobacco-related diseases every year. Modern research has failed to prove that smoking marijuana is a serious health risk, but doctors often advise patients to abstain from all types of smoking. So, it is wise to try other methods of ingesting the herbal medicine.

Because THC and other medicinal compounds in marijuana vaporize at relatively low temperatures, it is possible to inhale the medicinal compounds without burning the plant matter. Vaporizers are increasingly popular among patients as they deliver the medicinal compounds but not the harmful bi-products found in smoke. In fact, using medical marijuana in a vaporizer often helps to reverse the damage and clear the congestion caused by prolonged periods of smoking.The following resources provide more information on vaporizers:

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Marijuana can also be cooked in foods of all types. Eating cooked marijuana can provide a greater medicinal effect for some patients. It is also possible to make marijuana pills, that are much more effective than the synthetically manufactured THC pills (Marinol).

The following is Lifevine's proprietary recipe for medical marijuana, a favorite with patients, who prefer ingesting to smoking/vaporizing, and are looking for long-lasting pain relief and relaxation with minimal impairment.

How To Prepare Marijuana Capsules.